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eSense Customer Management Database
Below is the home page of eSense Foundation
The ultra modern, easy use to program designed to put you back in charge.


eSense: Professional invoicing, Stock control and much, much more...
If you can click 'Add', 'Edit', 'OK' and 'Cancel', you will be right at home with eSense. Don't be fooled though, our easy to use interface harnesses todays most powerful industry standard technologies including a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express database.

eSense Foundation features include: Multi-user configurable security, customer database, sales and invoicing, stock control and essential business reports.

Designed and built by Carter Brown Systems, eSense delivers powerful, professional tools essential for every small to medium business.
Our software design is governed by only 2 principles... Real Power, Real Easy

Don't take our word for it...
Start your free trial of eSense Foundation now!
You can download a fully functional 10 day trial version using the link below. The trial version has no restrictions other than the 10 day time limit, you can access and use all features of eSense Foundation version.
The following link will start the download of eSense. The download is a compressed (zip) file. Save the zip file into a new folder on your computer, once the download is complete, right click on the downloaded file and choose 'extract all', allow the files to be extracted then double click setup.exe to begin installation.
download eSense trial version

Alternatively, to learn more about eSense you can browse the help files using this link.
click here to view eSense help files.

What eSense does...
  • Customer Database
    • Stores comprehensive customer information.
    • Search, retrieve and manage customer information.
    • Search by date of order, customer reference, name or email address. All search fields allow use of partial matching and wild card characters.
    • Store multiple addresses for each customer, ideal for customers who require delivery to multiple sites.
    • Email single or multiple customers with your latest offers, reminders and other business news
  • Orders and Sales
    • Create and store multiple orders for any customer.
    • Easily find and manage orders for any customer.
    • Easily find and manage unpaid orders.
    • Search by date of order, customer reference, name or email address. All search fields allow use of partial matching and wild card characters.
    • Use any delivery address from the customer record.
    • Email pre-paid and/or proforma PDF invoices with a single click.
    • Save and/or view and print invoice in PDF format. (requires Free Adobe reader or other PDF file viewer)
    • Orders automatically adjust stock levels.
    • Change product prices and/or descriptions for individual orders, ideal for one off discounts.
    • Optionally store tracking numbers.
  • Invoicing
    • Easy setup of your company information.
    • Customise invoices with your company logo.
    • Add default information to be printed on all invoices; ideal for adding standard terms and conditions, special offers or general company news.
    • Choose to save or simply email PDF invoices.
    • Easily find and manage unpaid invoices.
  • Products and Stock/Inventory Control
    • Create and store product records, no limit to the number of products you can create.
    • Create warehouse/aisle/bin or other locations and specify where product stock is held.
    • Create product groups to help organise your stock.
    • Set 'low stock warning' values for each product record.
    • Easily find and manage products, for editing and stock adjustment (book in/book out).
    • Stock levels are adjusted automatically as required by the Order and Sales module.
    • Returned stocks management.
What eSense is...
A powerful and modern business assistant
Delivering easy to use tools which are essential to every entrepreneur and small to medium business owner.

Designed and built by Carter-Brown Systems
eSense strives to deliver intuitive, easy to use tools designed to help you 'get the job done'

Running your business is your primary concern, we understand this and designed eSense to speed you through the real world, day to day requirements of running a business.
eSense gets the things you have to do out of the way with minimum fuss, leaving you more time to do the things you want to do.

As your business grows you will perhaps need to store more information, certainly you will rely on the quality of your business information to help guide and shape your business decisions and because of this, the most important aspect of any business applicaton is its database.

eSense is underpinned by todays most powerful, industry standard technologies including a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database and the latest version of Microsofts .Net framework.
Complimenting this with our own Open Module architecture, eSense delivers a modular (pluggable) solution, flexible enough to grow and change with you and your business needs.
Included in the eSense foundation version...
  • Full Customer Database
  • Orders/Sales and invoicing module
  • Inventory/Stock management module
  • Reporting module
  • Integrated Help file
  • Free updates and enhancements for the eSense Foundation
  • Free email based support
  • 1 month free telephone support (should you need it)

If you can click 'Add', 'Edit'. 'OK' and 'Cancel' you can use eSense, we really have made it that simple!

Company Setup
Enter your company/business information, your logo and any text you want printed on all invoices.


Customer Database
Add and edit customers easily including multiple sites/addresses.


Create and edit sales orders easily with automatic customer search and populate to speed things along.


Inventory/Stock Control
Red, Amber and Green colour coding for easy stock status recognition. Stock status report also available.


Invoices and reports
Invoices can be saved and/or emailed in PDF format. Export reports as PDF or CSV.


There's much more to eSense Foundation than we can show you here.
If you require further information simply contact us via eBay, we generally answer within the hour during office times.

Technical Information and System Requirements...
  • eSense is a Windows application and is supplied on CD
  • Full automatic installation
    • Installs Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Express (Free) Edition, if required
    • Installs version 4 of the Microsoft .Net Framework, if required
  • Installs Integrated Help files.
Minimum System Requirements...
Operating System: Windows XP with Service Pack 3, Windows Vista 32 or 64 bit with Service Pack 1 or later, Windows 7 32 or 64 bit.
We recommend at least 1GB of free space. SQL Server 2008 Express has a data file size limit of 4GB, enough storage for 100s of thousands of customers and orders.
As and when you need to grow, your database can be transferred easily to commercial editions of Sql Server.
Legal Information
eSense is © copyright Carter Brown Systems Limited 2011
Sale of this product (or any part of the product) by any other person and/or company is illegal and in all cases we will seek maximum damages permissible by law.
Listing theft is against eBay policy and offenders will be reported.